We are constantly on a mission to design the most striking silhouettes to cherish the feminine body. You are our muse, therefore the design process starts with us thinking about what you really want to wear right now. We then source the most sustainable and gorgeous materials to bring those visions to life. 


Deadstock is queen when it comes to sustainable fabrics!

It is our favourite! Why? Because we hunt for the most beautiful leftovers, and over-ordered fabric from other designers and fabric warehouses in Italy. These treasures will then find their way to our production site and we will give them a second life with our beautiful dresses. The best part: nothing new has to be produced. Our deadstock fabrics include: silk, viscose, cotton & polyester. By the way this is the only way Polyester finds its way into our collections!

Another man's trash is another man's treasure.


Linen is breezy, strong, and one of the most stylish fabrics!

It is completely made from flax, which is extremely versatile: The whole flax plant is used and the production is cost-effective. Flax is super resilient: It can grow in poor soil and uses almost no water compared to cotton. The European Confederation of Linen and Hemp states that ”a linen shirt uses 6.4 litres of water“ across its whole lifecycle, which, compared to 2.700 litres for just one cotton shirt, is incredible. It is the perfect fabric for summer because of it's natural cooling effect.

We’re obsessed with Linen & you should be, too!

Bamboo Viscose

Bamboo Viscose has gained a lot of popularity over the last couple of years, and we can totally understand why!

It is extremely versatile and includes lots of benefits for you, such as breathability and durability. This is why Bamboo Viscose feels so great on your skin! The bamboo plant is extremely fast growing and can actually grow up to 3 feet per day, making it a highly renewable resource. Additionally, it is naturally pest resistant, so there is no need to use harmful pesticides and fungicides. And while we’re on the topic of how great Bamboo Viscose is, here’s another fact: The plant has the ability to improve air quality by absorbing more carbon dioxide than most other heavily farmed plants and it also releases large amounts of oxygen into the atmosphere. We’re super committed to making sure the forests we source from are conserved, protected, and restored.

Small plant, big power!

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton combines all the benefits of regular cotton without compromising on sustainability

We all know Cotton: It is the most widely used raw material in the world. Unfortunately, regular cotton also has a detrimental impact on our planet. It alone is responsible for 25% of the world’s pesticide use. Additionally, cotton is also the thirstiest natural fibre crop, using far more water than needed for other fabric-yielding crops. In short, cotton feels good on your skin, but is not as good on the planet. So we chose organic cotton. Organic cotton is grown using methods like crop rotation and natural ways of controlling pesticides with low environmental impact. There are no toxic pesticides involved and federal regulations prohibit the use of genetically engineered seed for organic farming. The impact of harmful water pollution is 98% less than the conventional cotton production, and soil fertility is maintained. Additionally, organically farmed cotton greatly reduces nitrogen emissions, resulting in 94% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than non-organic cotton.

 Make the switch, wear organic cotton and feel good about yourself!


Tencel is the superstar of sustainable materials - it's from renewable wood material but still so silky

Tencel is made from eucalyptus trees, which grow very fast. These trees use 5 times less land to grow, that makes it super effective. Tencel doesn't use any pesticides, that makes it much cleaner than most of other materials in the fashion industry. The water usage for Tencel is also considerably less than cotton. Well, what more can we add, the numbers speak for themselves.

You will love this innovative material just as much as we do!