Why is sustainable fashion still so basic?

Good Question!

Why is sustainable fashion still only covering Basics? Why does it feel like the only color pallette used are earth tones? Why are most of the designs the opposite of feminine?

We couldn’t find the answers to these questions. This inspired us to create a company and a brand that lays great emphasis on silhouettes that cherish the feminine body. The Muse Club is a company for all muses, that want to save the earth and look damn good doing it.


Sophia & Larissa

Larissa Schmid & Sophia Wittrock, die Gründerinnen von The Muse Club. Founders Duo of The Muse Club: Sophia Wittrock & Larissa Schmid

The Muse Club

What's in a name?

A Muse is an inspiring woman, who is humble, forward thinking, energetic and cares for the people and the environment. The Muse Club embraces all women to be their own muse.

It's all about dresses

We bring the dress, you bring the attitude

And by the way

No one will believe you this is sustainable

Made for Muses - Made By Muses

Be your own muse